Self Love

Self Love

I've had a rough few months mentally and emotionally and I know as a female sometimes it is easier just to keep it to yourself. All your emotions mix and rambled around into one. I've been out of focus and not my normal self (may have been the weather too). But as I get myself [...]

Lust Have Feature

I was recently Featured at Lust Have Fashion Blog and wanted to show you all a sneak peak of my feature! In this interview, I go back to my starting time, my inspiration, and ideas of what I believe is to come in fashion. Also tagged some of my favorite fashionistas to follow. Check out [...]

Make the Switch

I have been so MIA these past couples of months which is ok! Don't every forget to take time for yourself and mental self! Take time to breathe and think of new things and ideas. I turned 25 a few months back and it has come with many surprises, ideas, thoughts, changes, and self-exploring. I [...]

What’s In My Bag

I tend to always carry a big bag with all my necessities on a daily basis to work. Here are the things that usually reside in my bag permanently throughout the week💞   Bag: French Connection- gifted from a friendLimecrime Velveteens: for the days I can't decide Bleached- pale pinkRiot- deep pinkCashmere- grey/mauveWallet: Coach- gift from my boss. Love [...]