Purse Fever

Purse Fever

Fashion Week has brought us many new bag styles for this season. I have personally been obsessing over sooo many but my wallet will NOT be very happy in my splurging ( com'on, too many bills to be paid). Here are some purse dupes under $150 to keep you stylish and on trend this Spring! [...]

Shoe Dupes

Wouldn't we all want to wear everything right off the runway? Ugh I can only dream! With spring right around the corner, there are many new style we would like to have in our closets to begin with a strong fashionable style. Well, here are some shoe styles that are on trend for the spring, [...]

Pre-Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Fashion Week is just around the corner! We have yet to finish wearing our 2014 coats and already are preparing for next year guys! Don't Panic! Here are your Fall 2015 trends to look out for and some styles for an ounce of what these beauties cost: PONCHOS       Here are [...]


Spring 15 will be full of neutral colors everywhere we go. From pinks to whites,  caramels to nude skin tones.  I have personally been hunting down for outfits for this upcoming season. Here are my TOP 5 pieces of my finds under $200   J.Tomson Womens Spandex Bustier Crop Top Different kinds of styles sold [...]