Quarantine Pass Time

Hope everyone is safe! With all that is happening in the world, most of us are finally in quarantine. I’ve personally self isolated myself since Monday because I was personally feeling tired and with a slight headache. I have not gone to get tested as I am asymptomatic and don’t believe I should waste testing on myself unless I’m really sick and getting worse. So, while I work from home, I’ve taken the time to work back on my blog, myself and some self projects! I am no medical professional but I strongly urge as many people to attempt to self quarantine if possible. Many many people are asymptomatic and may have the virus without even knowing while also passing it to many others. Make sure to check the CDC guidelines and follow up with your local governor on updates! Now back to some pass time ideas

Here are some ideas and things to do to keep you sane and creative and on top of it all!

1Organize your Closet

There is never a better time than to go through a raid of your closet than now! I know I am not the only one who can find things from high school still in my closet (maybe college times). I use tons of inspiration from Pinterest on how to reorganize things using dollar store finds such as baskets, ways to refold bedding and what to do with all the extra bags sitting at the top of my closet.

2- Cooking

Tasty has been a huge help with learning to recreate recipes with what I have in my current fridge. I’ve become super fond of baking and have been relying on tasty for recipes to make from scratch! See some below

Homemade Pasta Dough

Homemade Chocolate Cake

3- Workout

Everyone has tried to start their new years resolution but with everything going on, it has been hard to get motivated. Being home can be a great opportunity to start with just you body weight. Here’s a quick HIIT workout from one of my favorite boot camps in uptown NYC, HHBC! If you are ever in the city, feel free to sign up for classes as well!

4- Dancing

I entertain myself tons with having music blasting in my apartment and catch myself dancing. So why not take the time to increase your social following and learn some new dance moves? Tiktoc has kept me busy and taught me some new dance moves along with my boyfriend who is quite a dancer himself.

5- Make Extra Money

There are many ways to make extra money! All you truly need is a working device (phone/iPad/laptop/desktop) and some WiFi! Fiverr has some amazing freelance work that you can do such as edit papers, type up things for people, and many other things. Knitting has been a great pass time as well . For beginnings learning videos, check here. Knitting hats, gloves, blankets and scarves and sell them on Etsy! And if you have gentle used items, Poshmark is a great way to sell your clothes! I currently have a few things up for grab, feel free to follow me here.

6- Self Care

Some days, I choose not to do anything but meditate, some yoga and a little relaxation. Sometimes you have to step away from technology can be the best thing to do. Stories are everywhere bout this virus and how you should stay home but hardly any ways on how to keep yourself mentally well. Being able to sit on my floor while the sun begins to shine through my window helps so much to ground me. Take time to write in a notebook of all the things you are grateful for. Face mask and a nice warm bath a great relaxation method. Take the time to give yourself a Mani/Pedi and cut your dry ends. Don’t forget to take some time to think about your self and your well being.

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon with more reads 🙂



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