Birthday Festivities

Bringing in my New Solar Year, I wanted to share with you all my festivities along with my outfits!

The dresses i had ordered never arrived which left me scrambling last minute and frustrated. I was able to calm my frustrations by taking a breath and focusing on my blessings instead of my shortcomings. A dress was just an add on to the amazing year I have had but I eventually got over it, and i wont be shopping with that particular store again.

On Friday 8/2, the day of my actual birthday, my boyfriend took me to Westlight in Brooklyn for some amazing drinks, appetizers and a view I will never forget. I was lucky to have ordered my accessories ahead of time for my travels and happen to have this dress sitting for almost a year 1/2 in my closet.

Westlight had two different floors of rooftop, an amazing view of Manhattan and great drinks!

Saturday, My boyfriend planned a brunch, not only got my brother and his girlfriend in town from Boston, but also managed to get my mother out which is very very very extremely rare.

On Saturdays, we brunch!

Went to the beautiful brunch spot called Boqueria, where the food was just as amazing as the service. My mom has a very sensitive stomach and was grateful they were able to accommodate all the meals for her.

Very thankful for all the birthday wishes I have recieved, for my family and friends that came out to celebrate, and for my amazing boyfriend that planned everything to my liking. 27 has brought alot of eye opening experiences and major life style moves, I cant wait to see what 28 has in store for me.

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