Wardrobe Rental

I recently collaborated with an app called Wardrobe. This app allows you to access great apparel and accessories as a rental from others. Not only do you get to participate in a community of fashionistas, but also be able to connect with them via messaging and interact on other social media platforms. Being able to access great underused apparel and accessories is also amazing for our environment. 

For renting items, you are able to go through the app and select items you like for a selected time period. Wardrobe makes it easy to be able to pick it up at your local Cleaners (hub) in which you select from at the beginning of your account. Once your time period is over, just drop it off at your hub and you’re all done. Along with your rental fee, there will be a cleaning fee so you won’t have to worry to have to wash items.

The Wardrobe App also allows you to rent your items! Think about the quick money you can make by sitting in your home. By setting up your closet and creating listing with your items, you can be on your way to make some money on rentals. Just note that your items will be dropped off at the local hub. An amazing way to make passive income while at home or working your day job.

Wardrobe makes it easy for anyone to use and great to spice up your wardrobe for any given occasion. They are very hands on and great at communicating back any questions or concerns you may have.

Feel free to check them out below

Wardrobe by WardrobeTech https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wardrobe/id1275844584

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