New Apartment Budgets

Phew. Who would have thought moving out was going to be so expensive/crazy and annoying?

Here I am, 5 months in fully settled in my new apartment. Yes finally got to move out and Flourish. To say the least, you can NEVER be over prepared. I spend most of my ending of last year saving and pushing myself to get ready to move out for the new year. One month in, a super lucky broker and a great 2 bedroom apartment in NYC was signed over to me. Two bedrooms? I know! I urged myself to make sure I was going to have enough closet space with all the stuff I was bringing from my old apartment, so what better than an entire room! Granted my railroad style 650 sqft apartment in Washington Heights was a super lucky find, so I knew it was right for me.

Nia Pin Sleeper Couch
PJ’s from Target

I was very lucky to just have moved a few blocks away from my old apartment so the moving cost was not as high as others may experience. Besides my entire closet, I only had to move my dresser, mirror, and desk. Everything else was filled with my imagination of what I could do. So, couch and bookcase came first.

Along with my couch, I decided to decorate with a bookcase on one corner of my home as well as with a small bean bag as pictured below. My lovely mother ended gifting me a new bed and frame. Even though I have been here for a few months, every day I have the itch to get new things and decorate. I’ve put decorating on a pause for the next few months as I have a few more goals to kill this year.

One thing I did learn through this process is not to be afraid of having a separate budget/account for anything apartment related. From decorations to bills, it has helped me to keep my finances separate and diligent in my spending and what I can do and should do.

I’ve also been finding ways to reorganize as storage in my apartment is super limited. Here are some things I have done that you can incorporate in any space to reduce the amount of storage you have around.

1- COMMAND HOOKS- not only are these an easy clean up after you move out, but these are sooooo easy to install and adjust around the house for an inexpensive cost. I swear by command hooks for everything. Add them to your bathroom door to hold your towel and robes. Add them to your kitchen to hold your pots/pans and even hold my mop and broom.

2- Gifted by a friend from my registry, a fridge spice rack! As pictured below. I had this on my amazon registry in case you like to order just click HERE. This holds so many condiments/spices along with having hooks in the bottom for any additional items to hang.

3- SPACE BAGS- now with the weather changing, I had to make room in my closet for Spring/Summer. I did end up downsizing in closet space from one apt to the next, but now I have a full bedroom to use solely as my entire closet space. Definitely more projects to come for this room.

Will be back with more hacks and apt hauls soon! Anyone have additional tips and tricks? Comment below!



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