My friends and I took a trip to Aruba : one happy island!

This mini vacation was needed for me with all the major changes that I have already been through via work and personal life in general. I wanted to bring in my 27th in the most warmest and happiest way ever.

Swimsuit : Shein
Shawl: Cashmere Boulevard (still have some for sale)
Pants: Shein Set
On top of the Casibari Rock formations
Next to the Natural Bridge

We went to this amazing restaurant right next to the Museum of Industry in San Nicolas,Aruba. We had various plates starting with some bruchetta and a caprese salad with the most freshest Balsamic Vinegar i have ever tasted.

Bandanna: Burberry
Dress: Zara
Bag: Aldo (old)
Bathing suit: Shein

We had booked a Catamaran boozy cruise the first day of the trip and it was by far the mos fun I have had. Not only did i face my fears and dived in the deep blue ocean, I also learned how to snorkel and saw many fishes while boozy from drinks.

Bandanna: thrifted
Bathing suit: Shein

We ended our trip at Renaissance Island and book a room as per it was cheaper to book the room rather than pay per person to get on the ferry boat to the island. In Renaissance island, we saw flamingos, lizards and for the first time in the trip, mosquitoes. Everything went perfect along with everyone wearing Pink! 🙂

Will have some great content for you guys coming soon!



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