2017 has closed like a book you yearn to want to read the next chapter. Learning that not all accomplishment have to be written on paper but celebrated, even in private. At times I felt as though I would take 5 steps forward and a leap back and this year was definitely that leap. Sometimes those leaps back help ground you and realize why you started everything in the first place and brings you back to motivate you even more. The process to get where you wish and yearn to be may be hard but never take the road for granted. I have sincerely missed keeping you all up to date with new post and outfit ideas plus shopping and all the other goodies I have. But hold on tight, I have a few surprises for 2018.🤗 From new product, more post, and some financial tips, 2018 is our year. I’m also excited to begin featuring more underground brands and women entrepreneurs on my site. A new website, new design new platform and more voice. I hope you all are just as excited as I am this year! And thank you for always following!


Top:  CashmereBoulevard

Jacket: CharlotteRusse

Jeans & Shoes: Zara (jeans are 3 years old and shoes were a gift)

Bag: Burberry  similar here

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