Self Love

I’ve had a rough few months mentally and emotionally and I know as a female sometimes it is easier just to keep it to yourself. All your emotions mix and rambled around into one. I’ve been out of focus and not my normal self (may have been the weather too). But as I get myself back into the rhythm of things, I tend to find myself loving me all over again.

Sometimes we need the breather, the days to stay in bed until 2 pm, have a super late lunch to crawl right back into bed. The nights to cry over Netflix or just because you need to let loose. Take advantage, cry it out and get back into rhythm. Take as much time as you need, as long as you feel that you are seeing things as clear as water. I had planned to overachieve and go above and beyond for me this year. Sadly it has not gone as planned and I needed the personal time to accept it. It is hard and hard to even say, but we all go through our bumps on the roads. Sometimes talking it through helps, even if it is to yourself out loud to hear your own thoughts. No matter how tough things get, always remember what you currently have and what your working for. Never forget you are amazing and always a blessing! Smile through it all!

If you ever feel stuck or in a confused space, comment down below or feel free to reach out to me via email or any social media platform. We all go through the roughs and downtime.

Love yourself always and baby keep your head up

Trenchcoat : Burberry

Pants &a top: Zara

Shoes- Steve madden

Earrings- Baublebar



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