Finesse Hair Care

I have of course made many major projects on my hair causing it to become more dry and brittle over the course of years. From pink, purple highlights in high school, bleach blond, copper tones, back to jet black and back to lighter copper tones. My hair has been through it all.

Switching my shampoo and conditioner to save my natural growth as I prepare for another chop. I’ve begun to use Finesse the past two months and already began to see a difference in my natural and damaged hair. I naturally have very curly hair and for quite some time have tried to reduce the amount of heat I put in my hair along with conditioning my hair more often. I want to try and hydrate my hair enough where I won’t have to apply heat as often.

Winter including bleaching my hair has done some serious damage which is why I was so excited to partner up with Finesse to revive my hair and start my process of going back all natural. My hair has been super difficult to manage and untangle with how dry and brittle it has been. The breakage has caused my hair to tangle more often as well as fall out more. Finesse has helped restore the moisture in my hair along with adding an amazing softness for less tangled, brittle hair.

The first photo was during the winter right before I started to use Finesse. You can clearly see how dehydrated my strands look. At this point, I needed to get a cut and had so much breakage throughout my hair.

Below, my hair after a trim and using Finesse for a little over a month. My hair growth has increased tremendously, my hair looks a lot healthier and no more breakage! I had done rollers (protect my curl patterns) and straighten my hair with a bit of blow dry and a dui wrap at night. My hair has not felt this healthy and full in such a long time!

Few more shots after using Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been super excited to see the changes in my hair and will continue to use this brand to save my locks and try to avoid the full big chop L Healthy hair is happy hair!

To purchase your Finesse restoring Shampoo and Conditioner Click here!

See you soon




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