Make the Switch

I have been so MIA these past couples of months which is ok! Don’t ever forget to take time for yourself and mental self! Take time to breathe and think of new things and ideas. I turned 25 a few months back and it has come with many surprises, ideas, thoughts, changes, and self-exploring. I will be sharing some with you. Let’s start by changing careers!

I had contemplated for almost a year to switch positions/careers. Not only has this been the most difficult thing I have ever done, but the most rewarding. I have seen other people switch careers and really take them a very long time to get out of what they have been surrounded for so long on. Some people are natural born risk takers in just going for the goal and being ok with every up and down along the way, while others have to strategically plan the change. I personally am a planner but learned to expect the unexpected. Here are a few tips on how to plan ahead if you’re planning on making the switch.

1-  DO IT EARLY– don’t wait till you have 10+ years in a company. You don’t plan on working for that position any longer so jump to your next job, position as early as possible. It’s reasonable to stay in a company 1 year or more (looks better on your resume) but harder to adapt to different surroundings and ways of working when you move after 6+ years. Looking to switch, start researching now what your interest may be and which company you would want to work for.

2-  MENTALLY PREPARE– I was surprised that this took an emotional toll on me for a while. Switching job was not easy at all. Mentally prepare as in where you want to be in and visually see yourself working for that position/company. Also, prepare of unemployment. In between jobs may take a while and switching careers/positions can take even longer.  I was unemployed for 3 weeks and the amount of interviewing and nothing to do mentally took a toll on me. So prepare yourself for all, the unemployment, how to keep yourself busy and mind positive, and the running around for interviews.

3- FINANCIALLY PREPARE– give yourself a time frame, and a vision board of how you plan on doing things. If you are planning on leaving your jobs in 6 months, you should have already started to save. Try and have at least 4-8 months of rent & bills saved. Some people can get recruited through a temp-perm agency and may take a few months before you are full on permanent. This way, you won’t fall back on your bills and be prepared for anything that comes in your way. The first month of a temp-perm position may be difficult has you are adjusting to a new pay rate, but trust me, it will be worth it.

4- KNOW YOUR WORTH- don’t ever low ball yourself. Don’t ever be afraid of asking for more. If you interview at a specific company that you have kept an eye on, negotiate your salary/pay. Don’t let them pay you less than your previous job. If the company decides not to negotiate with you and you’re not happy at all with what they willing to give, then don’t take the job out of desperation or comfort. you will be job searching again within a few months/year.  (Trust me I’ve done this recently)

5-  GO IN FOR THE KILL- One hard thing for me was applying to jobs that I felt did not match up to me on paper. I was upset at the mental thought of rejection from a job I most wanted. the one aspect I have was quickly adapting and learning. With motivation from a staffing agency, they pushed me to apply to a major company working with new software and completely different field. Yes, I was definitely scared, but my goal was to study the program and show them how much I can learn on my own right before the interview. Show them your worth and if you adapt quickly to different environments and programs, go for the kill. Go for the company you have dreamed of and aim as high as the sky. A no can  be one thing, but the bravery of applying will certainly boost you up for other interviews and you never know what’s a risk that’s not taken.

Hope this helps all you Bosses achieve your dreams and goals and motivates you all!  Have any questions or want some mental advice and thoughts, feel free to reach out to me at!



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