What’s In My Bag

I tend to always carry a big bag with all my necessities on a daily basis to work. Here are the things that usually reside in my bag permanently throughout the weekūüíě

Bag: French Connection- gifted from a friend

Limecrime Velveteens:¬†for the days I can’t decide

 Bleached- pale pink

Riot- deep pink

Cashmere- grey/mauve

Wallet: Coach- a gift from my boss. Love how it simply holds all my cards, comfortable access and pop of color from my neutral daily shades.

Sabon: Lip Moisturizer- for the dry weather or dry lipsticks

Arc notebook: able to customize from agenda to project planning. Help keep my noted together and a good place to write when I get a random idea

Sunglasses: because you never know in NYC

Henri Bendel Mirror: gift when I was 20 years old. Still my favorite mirror till this day

First aid Beauty Cream: love carrying this because you just never know. Sometimes I put some in a little container but I prefer never to run out

Business cards: network wherever you go

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Till Then



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