March Beauty Review 

Hey lovies, 
It’s been a while. Starting a business has definitely had be a bit more on the stress side and breaking out more often than normal. I have even searching for. Ew products to try on my face and help my breakouts a bit more this pay month. Here are a few of my new favs! 

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set $18.00


  • Brushes are super soft against the skin 
  • Apart from my previous brushes, I have noticed I break out less. I do wash my brushes every 4 days with Dr Bronners soap.
  • Very multifunctional. From left to right Contour brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, and Buffinf Brush. I use the contour brush to apply eyeshadow as well and the Buffinf brush for powder, bronzer and highlighter
  • Super comfortable case and easy to use to dry your brushes. 


  • This is a travel package. I would like to have had at least 6 brushes. 
  • The elastic of the case is somewhat tight making it hard to place the brushes in. 

Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm (Primer) $5.59


  • All you need is a drop and it goes a super long way. 
  • Visibly see my pores smaller after application 
  • Leaves foundation looking flawless 


  • Smells manly though the smell doesn’t last long. 
  • Very easy to mistakenly put too much. A little more and your face can easily become a shine ball 

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation $39.00


  • Super matte finishing 
  • Amazing coverage for just using a little
  • Hides a lot of blemishes and redness 
  • Light weight feel
  • Perfect shade (thanks Sephora employee)
  • Might just replace my Giorgio Armani 


  • A bit of shine after 8 hours. Touch up with translucent powder 

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask $5.99


  • Tingly feeling as if it was penetrating very deep 
  • Washes alway makeup quickly 
  • Help prevent acne
  • Good to use as a spot treatment on pimples 
  • Not harsh on skin
  • Amazing mask


  • Drys skin if use as mask constantly 
  • Takes a few uses to start seeing a difference 

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Till Then 



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