Made Real X Rebecca Minkoff

Made Real Vodka X Rebecca Minkoff showroom. An event filled with beautiful intelligent and aspiring women.


My friends Liliana and Natalie fell in love with the virtual interaction by the entrance of the store and throughout every fitting room. It makes trying on items so much more simple and quick! Once you enter, you can go to the main screen and click on the different items the store has available and pick what you would like to try on. Once in the fitting room, RFID sensor which activates fitting room upon entrance. It reads what style and size you have and lets you review other items that can go along with that specific style or add new things to try on. You can set the mood by selecting different lighting, requesting a different style and size, or simply an amazing selfie!!! Basically, don’t have to leave the fitting room to find another size or style! Shopping made easy. Check out the video below while testing the different lighting and learning more on the fitting room customization.


Please check out Rebecca Minkoff store on 96 Greene street in Soho, New York! Also check out Made Real online and in select stores!

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