Beauty and Wellness Expo

I was scrolling to my Instagram and saw that the darlings from Skin Perfections NYC were attending a Beauty and Wellness expo at Rosy Manor in the Bronx and decided to stop by and check it out. The place is a beautiful well sized space for any style of events anyone may have.

img_1347img_1343 img_1344 img_1345


I finally booked my appointment with Skin Perfections NYC!!! So excited to see the ladies next month for my consultation. These two ladies, Registered Nurses, are fluent in many areas to make your skin simply amazing. From later hair removal to botox, they know the tricks to glowing skin!

I had an amazing opportunity to meet Jenessa Michele who is a certified Makeup Artist and found love of the makeup from Mary Kay after trying it herself for her skin and seeing amazing improvements. Her energy and drive walked me right into her table! Such a lovely person! She offered me a few samples to try and I honestly fell in love with some of their lip products. Thank you Jenessa!!!

To check out the following ladies and want more information on their trade and work they do, see below!

Skin Perfections NYC by Walessa and Chantal

Mary Kay Makeup Artist Jenessa Michele

Jacket: CN Direct

Fur: CN Direct

Scarf: Zara

Pants and Top: Bar III

Shoes: Zara  (Sold Out/Store Only)

Bag: Ralph Lauren (Gift)

Pom Pom: DVF


Twitter: Cashmereblvd

Instagram: Cashmereblvd



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