After Christmas Struggles 

So the holidays are over, your pockets are dry, and credit card bills piling up from last months expenses ? 
It’s time to get back on track to bring your credit score up and those credit card bills down. Here are some of my personal tips that I lean on after the holiday season!

1- DOUBLE PAY- sounds funny I know but this can greatly bring down those bills in a glimpse of an eye. In the beginning of the month, use your first check to pay the regular minimum or just a tad bit more than the minimum. On your third week( I know most people get paid biweekly) add an extra 20-30 or the same minimum amount if it doesn’t hurt your monthly expense. Within a few months, you will notice the great decrease on your cards and your credit score going up. 

2- SAVE- everyone is excited to do their taxes in the next few months ( I know I am). But what if this select year, you end up having to pay back? Or you have a set goal of something you want for the tax return but not sure if your going to have enough? Start now! Take $20-40 every paycheck and set it aside until after your taxes. If you can financially put more aside, don’t hold back. By the time you are done with your taxes, you may have the mount you will need to pay the state/federal back or have enough money to get what you need instead of waiting for your tax return check. Now you can invest that check into something else like removing a credit card bill fully or pay off that stubborn loan you have had around. 

3- SELL– New Season, New Wardrobe! Look through your closet for some pieces still in great condition. Don’t think you’ll wear it again? Sell it! Worn it once and it has been sitting in your closet for two years? Sell it! Got a gift from someone that your not too fond of or don’t ever see yourself wearing it? Sell it! Tis the season to clean out your closet and see how much extra cash you can get from things! Check out Poshmark for selling online, Trendlee for Luxury bags (use the code CashmereBoulevard for 5% off), Tradesy for a mixture of all and Buffalo Exchabge stores near you. 

4-SALES- I know I know!! H&M having a 50% off! Zara having a year end sale! The temptations go on and on! But hold yourself back. These are all items from last season. Also think, are you really in the position to spend money on increasing your closet space? It’s well known that when people shop things on sale, it’s mainly because of the price and steal you believe your getting, not because you love the product. Some items bought on sale may sit in your closet longer than those you throughly decided if you needed. So think twice before hitting off those sales. My best bet is to use the money from the items you have sold towards your new items as well as gift cards. If you get a $50 gift card, try getting enough items that can surpass the gift card price but only by half. For example, use the $50 gift card but don’t spend no more than $25 out of pocket. This will keep you in budget and not over spending. 


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