savings-piggybankOne of the hardest things I have done was learn to save. Always putting a chunk of money aside has definitely bothered my mind and hard when you pass by a window sill with a brand new pair of shoes. It definitely has been hard to save a few extra on the side but on the long run, it is worth it. Here are some tips I have used and am using to save extra cash from what is coming in.
Saving Account: There are many forms of saving accounts and most of them take a certain percent for having under a certain amount. I opened a College savings when I was still going to college that allows you to open a savings account with as little as $50. One of the benefits I used was an automatic transfer. I would get paid every 2 weeks and I would put aside 10% of my paycheck into savings. From calculating what I was making, anywhere between $100-150 would automatically transfer into my savings. Incase of an emergency when I needed the money, I would have to make my way to an actual bank (yes not  the app) and release the money. This pushed me in not wanting to take out the money unless it was an urgent matter, but till growing daily.

Digit App: I recently discovered this app through some of my followers posting it on twitter. I though, “Hey why not, the more I save the better”.  You never know when you get the itch to take a trip or simply on a rainy day when you want to shop. Digit connects to your bank account and analyzes you income. It begins to see the little loop holes that we don’t see in where we can save small amounts of money. In signing up, it opens a Digit saving account for you and sets aside money from your bank account every 2-3 days. What I enjoyed the most was the constant updates when more money is transferred into my digit savings account. If I ever need the money back for any occasion, I can easily text Digit to transfer back to my account and instantly its there. Check out their website.

Piggy Bank: Don’t we all hate the loose change? I know I do but sometimes it can be put to good use in the long run. When I use cash, it makes it easier for me to manage my money daily and how much I forecast to spend during the week, especially with eating out daily in NYC.  After a full day of running around, I find my wallet weight an extra 3 lbs with the amount of change I have gathered through out the day. I learn to have a little piggy bank to deposit my loose change  (except the penny, I have a large gallon for those). Towards the end of the month or when I am planning to do laundry, I tend to dig through the piggy bank and find that I have enough to cover my entire laundry or I place my coins in the wrapped papers where you can find at any discount stores. By the time I’m ready to go and deposit, I have over $30 just from change. Here are some cute Piggy banks to purchase


Royal Change Counter








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