Lens Switch 

I teamed up with my boyfriend/photographer to view thru the lens for a day. As we were on our trip in Philadelphia, we took soooooooo many photos especially on Elfreth’s Alley.  I wear many dark and neutral colors and my boyfriend, William, is vibrate with esthetic. The flow combination of colors with the right shade of blue and purple and perfect shade of brown of double strap monk straps.


Describe Your Style.My style varies. If there was one word that summed up what my style is, it would be eclectic. No day is similar. Some days I may put on a double-breasted suit, with a blue gingham shirt with a widespread collar. Other days I may wear some J. Crew chinos (colors varies) with a solid pink or blue Oxford J. Crew shirt. Then there are times where I will throw on ripped blue jeans and a white t-shirt with Jordans. Specifically the 1’s.

What do you do on your free time?On my free time I like to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world. From politics to healthcare and technology. Finance is covered somewhere in there. I love fashion and love piecing together different styles and patterns to make my day’s outfit. But frankly, there are much more important things to worry about. Fashion, to me, is more of an escapism. A place I can go to get away from my current reality.

You have an eye for photography. Has it ever grasp you attention? I have always been a fan a photography. Photography is an art form like music that speaks to everybody. It speaks to humans overall, regardless of race or religion, if shot well, it forces you to have an opinion and feel a certain way. The impact lighting and background imaging has on a photo, if captured correctly, makes art.

Who are your top influences in fashion that cater to your sense of style and fashion? Ralph Lauren. He designs a lifestyle and a certain level of luxury that is still somewhat accessible to the everyday man. Along with Guo Pei and Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren to me is the one designer that I go to for inspiration. He understands the psychology of humans and the working class. Whether you’re a blue-collar worker, white-collar worker, or a student, Ralph Lauren has something for you.

Top: J Crew

Pants: Massimo Dutti

Shoes: Zara (old)

Watch: Invicita

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Till Then




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