One of the hardest things I have done was learn to save. Always putting a chunk of money aside has definitely bothered my mind and hard when you pass by a window sill with a brand new pair of shoes. It definitely has been hard to save a few extra on the side but on the [...]

Lens Switch 

I teamed up with my boyfriend/photographer to view thru the lens for a day. As we were on our trip in Philadelphia, we took soooooooo many photos especially on Elfreth's Alley.  I wear many dark and neutral colors and my boyfriend, William, is vibrate with esthetic. The flow combination of colors with the right shade [...]

Elfreth Alley

After brunch, we decided to walk around and see what was in our neighborhood. We happen to discover this little alley which turned out to be a landmark in history. This alley still has the original houses and cobble stone ground. What attracted me the most of this little street is the vibrate colors. From [...]



This past weekend, I was out in the heart of Philadelphia. Old city is such a burst of history and inspiration to those that visit and live there. My boyfriend and I rented a loft for our 4 day stay and we were more than delighted. For the first day, I decided to wear something [...]