Face Ingredients 

I have tried everything in the book to maintain and structure the skin on my face.

Fact: the skin on your face is by far the most sensitive. It faces cold winter breezes and hot summer rays.

As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I can not exfoliate as often as I should or my face would go bright tomatoe red. Along the journey, I have learned and found products that have helped, irritated and no work for my sensitive skin. Here are some products that I use to rehydrate my face and calm its redness

COFFEE GRAINS : I learn to fallen in love with a once a month coffee exfoliater. This honestly keeps my skin extremely soft and hydrated for the rest of the day. Because my skin is so thin and sensitive on my face, I don’t rub as hard and vigorously as most people can. After I make coffee, I used the remaining grains and rub gently on my face. I then let it sit until it is fully dried. You can use it for an entire body exfoliater as well. Just as the Frank Bod coffee scrub, you can make your own at home.

DAILY CLEANSER: my search is finally over. I stopped by Sephora to pick up my birthday present and had the choice between Nars Lipstick or Peter Thomas Roth face cleaner and cucumber mask. I, of course, chose the facials over lipstick simply because I have no more room for more lipstick in my makeup case.

First the Anti Aging Clensing Gel – I have never used something as soft and well working for my combination skin. After my first use, I felt my skin feeling tighter yet rejuvenated. This product does keep their word on Oil free as per my face had no oiliness for the rest of the day. I use it twice a day (morning and night)
Cucumber Gel Mask– my new holy grail. It is not safe to use a mask daily but every 2-3 days can be very good for your skin. This makes the skin extra tight with a cooling sensation throughout the skin. Especially now after the summer sun, putting this on my skin for a few mins and then rinsing off makes a huge different at night. Make sure to place a gently coated layer on skin after cleansing.

BOSCIA CHARCOAL MASK: this was by far not my most favorite mask. I have used BOSCIA Luminizing Black Mask in the past and absolutely love it. I love how product in the mask made my skin feel but did not like the full idea of the mask.

This two piece mask was pretty gooey and left a gooey residue that you had to continue to rub on your skin even after you remove be mask. What I enjoyed from this was feeling like Batwoman and how it seals the treatment into your skin whir you maintain the mask. BOSCIA is definitely a good brand but this idea of mask isn’t my favorite.

Don’t be afraid to try new things for your face. Your skin changes often and sometimes you need to change products to accommodate your skin as wel. I’m in an experimental stage and trying new things for my face. Some products I love others I don’t. I don’t gaurantee the same results as these are my experience with my skin.

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