Mixed Prints

  By far my favorite outfit I have put together.  I have never been the best at wearing white pants. Usually so scared trying to get anything dirty and one thing for sure is white pants are, well basically white lol.  I put this outfit without thinking of all the prints and how well it [...]


As a little girl, I never had the opportunity to wear overalls (as far as I know and witness). I may have hop on the band wagon pretty late on these but I'm glad I finally got myself a pair from AMI Club Wear.  They are a fashionable brand with many things from overalls, to [...]

Silly B Intimates

I recently received my purchase of Silly-B Intimates strapless bra and I could not be more excited!! Since my last strapless bra legit broke right at the back strap (it looked plastic), i have been meaning to get a good strapless and backless bra. I have pushed myself not to purchase any backless bras until [...]