Vacation on a Budget

Ive have been having the urge to take a mini vacation outside of town but saving towards it has taught me that it can become a real cost. From previous experiences, here are some things I learned to look out for:
Food: You don’t always have to spend and buy food. I tend to look for a hotel room with a fridge and stove included. In my previous get away to Syracuse, I was able to get a Air BnB apartment at a fraction of the cost from what hotels usually cost around the area. Not only was it amazing, but it had a kitchen and stove. I went grocery shopping in the morning and only had Lunch outside. Breakfast and coffee made in the morning and with the snow storm in the night, we were able to have some DiGornio Pizza at night.

Packing: Ugh how much I hate to pack. For us fashionistas, we want to have everything in our luggage to have options. My boyfriend who traveled a lot told me to roll my clothes up. I never on earth thought that it would save space but i had enough room to carry three pair of jeans, 5 more t shirts or just a few more pairs of shoes. 😉 Click the Link on how to roll your clothes, travelers way.

 Travel within Vacation– do you have a license? Do you not want to pay for car rides back and forth everywhere? Here are two apps you can try to use to get yourself around with a car you can rent by day. Relay Ride and Getaround.   Please note that these are both apps for cellphone. 

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