Stepping Stone

Last Thursday I have accomplished one of my most greatest accomplishments (IN STYLE). I finally graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Production Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Looking back it felt as if time was moving every so slowly. One minute I closed my eyes and once I open them, I’m turning my tassels towards the other side. Not only am I the first generation graduate, but the second generation in Fashion. My mom was pretty upset when I transferred from Medicine to Fashion because she felt as if it would not progressed for me. Three jobs later, graduation and a brand new careers for field (still in fashion) I have proven to my mom that motivation was the key she was missing. Now with my extensive background in production, I want to make her dreams real and show her it is possible!!

 IMG_6465-0.JPGBrand new FIT Alumni. Could not be more proud of my accomplishments.

  IMG_0405.JPGMy mother and my lovely brother.

Now for the outfitIMG_0414

IMG_0449IMG_0443IMG_0444IMG_0453Dress: Intermix 

Jacket: Club Monaco

Shoes: Zara (ON SALE)

Purse: H&M (Perfect Blush Color/Sold out)

Earrings and Rings:  H&M

Watch: Aldo Accessories

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Till Then



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