Sensitive Skin

I’ve had the toughest time finding not only amazing products for my skin, but facial scrubs. For a very linen time, I used the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and trust me I adore it! But it leaves my face and cheeks extremely red and a burning sensation. I began using the St. Ives scrub as a lip exfoliation to remove the dead skin off my lips.
So then what about my face? In my recent drug store walks, I encountered the Neutrogena Wave Sonic.


I’ve always been very hard on myself to try new things on my face because of the sensitivity but at the price of $11.79 in Target I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take it for a test run.

ITS LIKE A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED!! Not only is this product soft on my skin, the two speeds give me an opportunity for a deep skin scrub or a nice airy scrub. Still cleaning deep within my pores. Like a match made in heaven! And with my First Aid Daily Face Cream, giving me a cooling sensation on my skin and minimizing my redness.IMG_0236

Every wave sonic comes with 14 pads as the blue ones that you attached at the end. You can even use it while you are showering since it is water proof.

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2 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin

  1. It’s interesting to hear your review. I also have quite sensitive skin & used to think the St Ives range of scrubs was amazing – until I found out that was what my skin was reacting to. I’m scared to use electrical exfoliators like this, but the neutrogena one sounds intriguing with the two different levels of exfoliation. I might look into it.


    1. Thanks for the comment Shannon. I did recently notice that they have two different kinds of pads for the skin. One will be a little more rougher and I believe it is a different color. I also learned that putting lotion with collagen on your skin overnight helps the elasticity of your skin, especially your face since it’s the most delicate.


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