Beauty Splurge


I am one for never enjoying to wear any kind of makeup but as I entered my late high school years into early 20’s, I have definitely found a fascination. From checking different makeup tutorials and basic skin care, I have finally found my holy grail everyday products. Some of the things here I have had for months (brushes, Rimmel Bronzer) while others I have purchased within the last week and immediately fell in love.


Brushes: I purchased these a while ago. It was a set of 15 of the most basic brushes to start when playing around with makeup. Most are Mac while the smaller ones are from Sephora as a portable version.


I had bought a pack of sample mascara and this was one in the sample pack. I immediately fell in love. The sample pack I purchased from Sephora allowed me one full-size tube of mascara and I had to get my hands on this Tarte. Not only is it jet black, but as well as non-clumpy and separates each of my lashes. (BTW not a fan of waterproof mascaras)

Definitely, one of my most recent purchases and I fell in love. I have been going crazy for a primer that not only hides pores but reduces redness. This Maybelline has done just the trick.



The amazing things I have heard of this product and I just had to try it. Makes my skin so flawless and pockets happy. I apply with my pink beauty blender sponge. The shade is w4.
Translucent powder:  

And if you have never tried this, you are missing out completely. This has amazed me in reducing the shininess of my fave after appling concealer. This is that power women would go and say “well excuse me, I’m going to powder my nose”. Not only does this reduce shine, it helps on other things. I apply to my eyelashes before my mascara to lengthen them, and even a bit on a oil spot in a shirt can lift up the oil quickly. I bought the pressed powder to try for the first time but I think loose powder would make it easier to apply.



For some reason, I ended up with two and my top favorites. My Rimmel bronzer I use on a daily basis and my Bare Minerals I use for special occasions. Rimmel is more soft and not as strong with a light touch of shimmer. As for the Bare Minerals is bold and strong achieving color with one stroke of a brush.


Nude/Mauve Lips:


The hunt was on for these great colors and I feel like these were simply perfect with my skin tone. Both costing $13.00 at Ricky’s. (Yes I know what a steal!!). I felt as if I scored a goal with these, and the colors are perfect. Palladio is more moist and matte while the NYX (in tiramisue)  is glossy and silky.


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Till Then 



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