Shoe Dupes

Wouldn’t we all want to wear everything right off the runway?

Ugh I can only dream!

With spring right around the corner, there are many new style we would like to have in our closets to begin with a strong fashionable style. Well, here are some shoe styles that are on trend for the spring, without hurting our pockets. Yes I said it, NOT HURTING OUR POCKETS!!!!



So are you still thinking of dropping the $130 at Barneys when you can get the steal at Target for $35? Target has a variety of colors and styles of these epic sandals that definitely came to make a combat for the spring.


image9 image10 image11 image12

Just stare at those prices….ahhh. Isn’t it comforting to find runway styles for more than half the price? Yes, yes indeed. Black never goes out of style and nude/baby pink is the best trend to enter this spring with.


image6 image7image8

They may not be all the same color but you get the concept. This latest trend will be in every corner that you turn. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but super cute with the right pedicure color.


image3image2  image4 image5

These cozy slip on’s will be the best to have yet. From the beach to a great chic style, espadrilles are not only comfortable but extremely stylish.



Always remember, you don’t have to break the bank to look amazing. Some of the best styles can be found in your own little neighborhood or mall 🙂

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Till Then



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