Beauty Splurge

  I am one for never enjoying to wear any kind of makeup but as I entered my late high school years into early 20's, I have definitely found a fascination. From checking different makeup tutorials and basic skin care, I have finally found my holy grail everyday products. Some of the things here I [...]


On days like today, I like wearing clothes at ease. I have yet to wear all white and finally did with this beautiful spring weather. Though it was a bit windy, I was able to catch a hit on sun today. With Midterms coming right around the corner, I have taken every free second of [...]

Shoe Dupes

Wouldn't we all want to wear everything right off the runway? Ugh I can only dream! With spring right around the corner, there are many new style we would like to have in our closets to begin with a strong fashionable style. Well, here are some shoe styles that are on trend for the spring, [...]

Spring into March

          Spring is finally here!!!! I got this lovely day to enjoy with my amazing boyfriend on brunch. Besides finally feeling a 45 degree weather, I got to wear my sunnies and my go-to shoes. Not only have i had them for about 2 years but they are the most comfortable [...]